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TongKun Group Co., Ltd is a listed joint-stock company with large-scale which mainly produces PTA, polyester and polyester fiber, located in hangjiahu plain hinterland Tongxiang city. The predecessor of TongKun Group Co., Ltd was TongXiang chemical fiber factory which was founded in 1982.After more than 30 years development, Tongkun Group now has assets of more than 40 billion, 5 directly owned factories and 18 holding companies, and almost 20000 employees. In May 2011, Tong Kun shares (601233) successfully landed in the capital market and became the first listed company on the main board since the reform in Jiaxing City.


TongKun Groupalready has annual production capacity of 6.4million tons of polymerization and 6.8million tons of polyester filaments and 4.2million tons PTA.The production capacity and production sector of the company have made the Group rank the first in the world. The products of the company is polyester yarn with  brand GOLDEN COCK or Tongkun and polyester chips.Polyester filament yarn including POY、DTY、FDY(medium tenacity yarn)、Compound Yarn and ITY all together five series with more than 1000 items. Tongkun brand products sells very well in domestic and export to South America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam more than 60 countries.


Excellent quality comes from excellent equipment and excellent management. More than 80% of the company's key production equipment is introduced from Germany and Japan, reaching the international first-class equipment l