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  • 2018

    Jiaxing petrochemical annual output of 300000 tons of polyester FDY project start
    In February 2018, jiaxing petrochemical annual output of 300000 tons of polyester FDY project start. The bobbins change by robot, packing by robot, and a series of automated storage which can realize the automation of controlling and monitoring the production. The "PTA - polymerization - spinning" integration design and intensive production, makes the target product unit energy consumption reduced by 28%, the energy utilization ratio increased by 40%, GDP per head is increased by 69.3%, which greatly reduces the production cost, enhance the product competitiveness. The project is also a benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of Jiaxing Port Area, and the upgrading of the whole industrial chain of Jiaxing petrochemical industry by Tongkun. Combined with the integrated, automatic and intelligent production, the project has become a model factory for the intelligent park of the port area and a benchmark factory for high-end products in the industry. In March, phase III with annual capacity 200000 tons high-function differentiated fiber technology transformation project was officially launched. The third phase project is a project that the group's Hengsheng plant area "retreats two into three" and moves to zhouquan for construction. The first "one head, three tails" polyester three cauldron technology is adopted to realize the integrated design of polyester filament. The project has also been selected into the national green manufacturing system integration project. In April, Zhejiang Hengyou Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. started its annual output of 300000 tons of differential POY project. In May, Hengteng phase III differential fiber project with annual output of 600000 tons was put into operation.
  • 2017

    the first phase 48 draw texturing machines start producing completely
    In June 2017, heng rui phase ii project first draw texturing machine start producing. In April 2017, heng bang factory the phase ii project CP1 start up, the main products are flame retardant, antistatic superfine, hygroscopic and sweat, anti-ultraviolet radiation and other functional polyester fiber series, the establishment of project greatly improve the group's polyester fiber product differentiation rate. In August, heng bang factory the phase ii project CP2 start up successfully. In February 2018, the project jiaxing petrochemical annual capacity 300000 tons of polyester FDY start producing; In march, heng bang phase Ⅲ with annual output of 200000 tons of high functional differential fiber echnological upgrading projects all went into operation. These projects adopt international advanced equipment and intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing technology, heng bang phase Ⅲ project is the first to use "first three tail" technology, realized polyester filament integration, become the green polyester fiber model line, have a strong push to the industrial structure optimization, the green development of chemical fiber industry. In May 2017, Tong kun group purchase zhejiang tong kun group co., LTD. (held by zhejiang petrochemical co., LTD. 20% share, extend upstream petrochemical business, trying to get through the PX, PTA, filament full industrial chain. The end of December 2017, jiaxing petrochemical phase ii project start successfully.
  • 2016

    the annual output of 400000 tons of differential fibre project put into production successfully
    In February 2016, the annual output of 400000 tons of differential fibre heng teng phase ii project put into production successfully; In April, the annual output of 380000 tons of polyester DTY differential fibre project (namely hengrui project) first TMT draw texturing machine drive smoothly
  • 2015

    "twelfth five-year" complete packaged
    In 2015, heng bang factory start produce completely, hang long factory phase ii project start-up, jiaxing petrochemical phase ii project start smoothly, zhong zhou company "retreat into three" is completed, Tong kun Internet banking business is launched operation, comprehensive promotion "icbc poly" platform. In the aspect of material matching, the group has initially formed of agents, paper tubes, foam board, carton, wooden shelf, liquid, titanium white, and black masterbatch, aluminum pad filter such as relatively sound accessories supporting project, the project put into production, effectively reduce the production cost, effectively improve the group's market competition ability. On December 23, 2015, Tong kun applied non-public stock been unconditional approved by Issuance review committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission. At this point, Tong kun's further expansion of enterprise scale, through the "+" Internet and the world conference on Internet success in the Internet finance, aggregate production capacity of 3.5 million tons/year, polyester filament production capacity of 4 million tons/year, realize the "twelfth five-year" complete packaged
  • 2014

    Tongkun has achieved the goal of creating a new Tongkun ahead of schedule during the 12th five-year plan period.
    In April 2014, Tongkun group co., LTD. Heng bang factory produces 400000 tons of super imitation cotton differential fibre polyester plant project one-time production of success; In September of the same year, hengbang factory draw texturing workshop started production smoothly. By the end of 2014, Tongkun had achieved the goal of creating a new tongkun in the 12th five-year plan ahead of schedule.

TongKun Group Co., Ltd is a listed joint-stock company with large-scale which mainly produces PTA, polyester and polyester fiber, located in hangjiahu plain hinterland Tongxiang city.


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